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Permalink Stunning Elena Vladi, lead singer for the band: Demona Mortiss
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(from a photoshoot for submissions to Penthouse of model Erika Jordan,.. obviously this is one you won’t find on Facebook)
Erika Jordan - Voted one of the top 100 Most Beautiful Women by Playboy.
Permalink "Let Them Eat Cake!" - Marie Antoinette on hearing news that the French commoners were starving. (She lost her head)
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Sometimes the best shot of the day is an afterthought.  Aisl and I had just finished a glam shoot where she was all done up like a Playboy playmate (including a big white/blonde wig).  We were both exhausted by the end, and when she took off the wig, threw back her head, closed her eyes and shook her hair out she looked incredible; and I saw this shot in my head.  So - I quickly set up a single light above with a grid and grabbed the roll of black pallet wrap.  I had seen a drawing something like this a while ago and remembered the girl pulling at the straps with her mouth.. She had had enough of shooting that day and I knew I had to rush - but I think her slight annoyance helped the shot, actually. 
In about 10 minutes I had everything ready and snapped off about 20 pics.. this one was near the end.  I knew I had it by then, but took a few more to be sure. 
Before Tumblr the only place I could show this was Fetlife, but they resize their pics like so many others.. so I’m posting it here at a reasonable 900px high.  Be sure to click thru for full size.
-TommyO  Dec 2011
Finally, a site that lets me post this at a size I can live with.  Too many sites resize down the pics.. not fun for a photographer.  Click through for the full 1000px wide.
From a shoot in Palm Springs with model: Aisl in a latex mermaid outfit by Vex - generously given to me by fetish model Brittany Hughes,
Leaving the hotel; we drove for about an hour into the desert.. when I finally found what I thought was a workable spot I pulled the Mustang as far as I could off the road and discovered the wind was just too much for lights.  So the internal flash was all I could use.  At least if we got stranded I knew we had water!
Also; the California desert by Palm Springs is (unfortunately) not the Sahara.. so I took a few liberties with the background - which I’m sure is obvious. 
TommyO - Dec 2011
Permalink Another for the Mandy fans! 

Mandy Blank wearing Abigail Greydanus latex.
Mandy  Blank: 
Abigail Greydanus:
Permalink Mandy Blank wearing Abigail Greydanus latex.
Mandy  Blank: 
Abigail Greydanus:
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Settling into the new loft.  Here’s a shot of Elena from the band Demona Mortis  in the parking garage.  We’re both night owls and it was probably about 2am.  After grabbing some Thai at Torung, then some tea back home, we wavered on whether or not we wanted to shoot.. luckily we leaned just over the edge of “yes” and I grabbed a few shots with the internal flash of the Canon 40D.  If I remember correctly I set the ISO up high - something I’ve been experimenting more with lately, and laid on my back on a blanket on the ground.  She looked amazing in every pose; this was one of the best.